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Today is Wednesday March 04, 2015

Barrington Home

Welcome to BarrigntonCommunity.com!

This web site is designed to provide information both to homeowners and to potential residents, with the primary emphasis being on the former. The site includes all relevant information associated with the community. This provides residents the information they need to determine what the rules are, whom to contact if problems arise, etc. It serves as a vehicle for the community management company, Board of Directors, or Committee chairpersons to "get the word out" about upcoming events, changes in the governing documents, etc.

Whenever there is a community member vote pending, simply go to Barrington Voting System (Jeffrey Charles & Associates) and log into the site using community hoa login credentials provided to you by our management company. Don't know your login credentials? Go to the site and follow the directions on how to retrieve them.


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To read some of the documents on this website, you may need:

To obtain PDF reader software, a left click will take you to the Adobe Site.
To download the other software viewers, a left click will initiate the download.

A reminder to our members that we have a No Solicitation policy in effect here at Barrington. If you find yourself being solicited at home, remind the solicitor of the policy and ask that they leave the development.